Automotive industry in Val d’Oise

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Valeo “engine control system”, located in Cergy, is a company specializing in electronic and electrical systems and equipment for engine controls and automotive parts. It also provides spare parts for car manufacturers.


The Val d’Oise is home to major companies in the automotive world, such as Autoliv, in Cergy, which specializes in the manufacture, development and marketing of motor vehicle safety equipment (airbags, safety belts, steering wheels). Autoliv is also working on the design of the car of the future.

The downstream component of the Val d’Oise region includes service companies that represent a particularly dense ETI, SME and TPE eco-system like Telma, Flex-N-Gate and Visteon Electronics.

Erpro in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, brings together 2 companies, one specialized in 3D printing and the other in cutting metal parts. The SME employs fifty employees and produces single pieces or very small quantities for tests and demonstrations.

For example, a steering wheel for a prototype car, a crank case for an electric bicycle or an airplane part for wind tunnel testing.

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Research  and higher education:
University of Cergy-Pontoise (UCP)
33, boulevard du Port 95011
Cergy-Pontoise cedex

> School of Electrical Engineering, Production Engineering and Industrial Management

Graduate School for Electronics and Applications Public laboratories

University  laboratories:

Information Processing and Systems Team

Complex systems engineering and computer sciences

Laboratory of Industrial Eco-Innovation and Energy

Laboratory of mobility, network, regional and environmental geography

Laboratory for Systems and Applications in Information and Energy Technologies

Private laboratories:


Well-known companies in Val d’Oise

3M - Night Safety Systems for Motor Vehicles (Reflective Lighting Systems).

ABB - Manufacturing of industrial equipment, energy technologies and automation: high, medium and low voltage products, controls, variable speed drives, instrumentation and analysis, motors and generators, robotics.

Akebono - Research and Development Center specializing in the manufacture and marketing of brake pads for motor vehicles.

Autoliv - Development, manufacture and marketing of safety equipment for motor vehicles (airbag, seat belts, steering wheels), autonomous cars.

Erpro - Creating prototypes, models and small series with 3D printing.

Flex-N-Gate - Manufacturing, design and distribution of automotive equipment such as bumpers - front blocks, power units, fans for the automotive industry.

Lear Corporation - Manufacture of seats for the automotive industry.

Soufflerie climatique d’IDF - Analysis, testing and technical inspection of all types of land vehicles.

Telma - World leader in frictionless braking, on-board electronic devices for brake compatibility with ABS, EBS, ESP systems.

Tyco Electronics - Manufacture and sale of electrical and electronic connections for automotive, capital goods (telecommunications, computerized aeronautics, etc.).

Valeo - Design and manufacturing of electronic and electrical systems and equipment for engine controls and automotive parts (spare parts for car manufacturers).

Visteon Electronics - Manufacture of electronic parts for the automotive and automotive industry, interiors such as dashboards, audio systems, information displays.

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