Eco-industry in Val d’Oise

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Significant energy savings

Val d’Oise has a high concentration of extremely diverse SMEs and SMIs in environment- related areas, including in sectors of the future (consultancy firms, engineering, recycling of common and uncommon waste, recovery of metals, etc.). The territory is also home to leaders such as GDF Suez, which is setting up a wood heating system adopted by Aéroports de Paris ( Paris Airports Authorithy) to heat Roissy-CDG Airport.

Stakeholders in sustainable development

The Veolia training centre welcomes hundreds of trainees and over 10,000 interns at Jouy-Le-Moutier, in the Château d’Ecancourt area, and offers 16 professional qualifications ranging from vocational training certificates to Master’s degrees in water, cleanliness, transport, and energy.

The University of Cergy-Pontoise offers a Master’s in civil engineering «Smart buildings, energy efficiency».

This training, as well as the investments made by companies, households, and elected representatives, has become the daily responses and reactions to the increasing scarcity of resources and climate change.

Various different competitiveness clusters operate in the territory: Advancity (for sustainable cities and mobility), Mov’eo (for clean and smart vehicles and mobility) and Elastopole (for rubber and polymers).


The Paris and Ile-de-France region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Paris IDF) coordinates the “Éco’Durable” PLATO network in Val d’Oise, which enables SMEs and large enterprises with an interest in the sustainable economy to share their experiences and know-how.

It also runs the Network of Environment Managers (RME) in Val d’Oise and Yvelines. This network unites companies committed to environmental management around joint projects to anticipate regulatory changes and implement concrete environmental solutions.





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Pollutec Exhibition

Every year, “Pollutec” international exhibition of environmental equipment, technologies and services brings together professionals from all over the world around innovative solutions to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment in the areas of industry, local authorities and service industries: smart management of cities, optimising means of production and protecting
coastlines, etc.

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Higher education

• University of Cergy-Pontoise (UCP)
- Master’s in Civil Engineering “Smart buildings, energy efficiency”
- Master’s in Earth, Planets and Environmental Science (eco-design and waste management; eco-construction; corporate social responsibility, communication and environment)
• ESSEC Business School (Higher Institute of Economic and Commercial Sciences)
- Advanced Master’s in Urban and Property Management (MUI)
• International School of Information Processing Sciences (EISTI)
- Advanced Master’s in Risk Management in the Territories
- Advanced Master’s in Quality - Safety - Environment
• International School of Agricultural Development Engineering (ISTOM)
- Manager training in international agricultural development
• School of Electricity, Production and Industrial Methods (ECAM-EPMI)
- Qualifying training (continuing education) specialising in climate, energy and sustainable development
- Engineering training «Energies and Cities of the Future”
- Advanced Master’s in «Digital and smart security for the city of the future»

The members can share their experiences and explore possibilities for partnerships.

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Research Laboratories

University of Cergy-Pontoise
• ERRMECe: Extracellular Matrix-Cell Interactions Laboratory research team
• GEC: Geosciences and Environment Cergy laboratory
• L2MGC: Laboratory of Mechanics and Materials of Civil Engineering
• LAMBE: Laboratory Analysis and Modelling for Biology and Environment
• LCB: Chemical Biology Laboratory
• LPPI: Laboratory of Physico-Chemistry of Polymers and Interfaces
• SATIE: Laboratory for Systems and Applications in Information and Energy Technologies
• MRTE: Geography Laboratory on Mobility, Networks, Territories and Environment

Quartz Laboratory (EISTI, ENSEA, SUPMECA, ECAM-EPMI, Université Paris 8)
• Complex systems, mechatronics systems
• Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Internet Of Things (IOT), Semantic Web
• Multi-physical compact modelling
• Operational security and dynamic reconfiguration of systems
• Smart materials

LR2E Laboratory - Research Laboratory of Industrial Eco Innovation and Energy (ECAM-EPMI)
• Energies and cities of the future centre
• Embedded systems and mechatronics centre
• Green logistics and production centre


Benchmark companies in Val d’Oise

Auror’ environnement – Cergy-Pontoise energy recovery centre
Biogénie Europe – Pollution management and soil treatment centre
CGECP – Waste treatment, selective collection and sorting
CO.RE.PA. – Metal recovery and recycling
Curage Industriel de Gonesse – Collection of polluting waste and sewage systems
DI Environnement – Asbestos removal
EAV – Video control and maintenance of sewage networks and systems
Hersand – Recovery of textiles for repurposing and recycling
Hytec Industries – Treatment and recycling of industrial liquid waste
Novergie Ile-de-France – Waste treatment with energy recovery
Otis Veolia Propreté – Collection, evacuation and treatment of domestic waste
Paprec IDF 95 – Recycling
Partnering Robotics – Energy management and services robotics for emerging markets
REP (Veolia Propreté) – Energy recovery and storage of domestic waste
Sanitra Services – Sewage system maintenance and fuel tank cleaning
SEPUR – Domestic waste collection
Sorevo Environnement – Recycling of industrial waste and industrial demolition
Triade Electronique – Collection and recycling of electrical and electronic waste
Méry-sur-Oise water plant (SEDIF) – Production, treatment and distribution of drinking water
Veolia Eau d’Ile-de-France – Maintenance and repair of the public water network

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