Aeronautics in Val d’Oise

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Aeronautics maintenance: Dassault Falcon Service for private jets ; Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance for servicing nearly 1,500 aeroplanes belonging to 150 national and international airlines ; Vector Aerospace France (formerly Seca), another specialist in turboprop maintenance and engines.
Pilot training and practice with Air France-KLM, Flight Safety, Sim Aero Training, etc. which run flight simulators, as well as specialised centres, for general aviation, such as Hispano Suiza, a leader in France.
Aircraft ground handling, grouping together several companies around the Paris-Roissy-CDG and Paris-Le Bourget airports, such as France Handling, Universal, Signature, etc. as well as catering companies (aeroplane refuelling, food, blankets, magazines, in-flight duty-free shops, etc.) such as Servair, New Rest, Uppersky Gourmet, etc.

Aeronautics continues to investments in Val d’Oise

In three years, major manufacturing projects have confirmed that Val d’Oise is the territory in which the aeronautics industry has invested the most.
Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance inaugurated the « Zephyr», in Roissy-en-France in 2012, a test bench for reactors on an international scale capable of carrying out tests on large aeroplane engines like those on the Boeing 777 and A380.


This building (€43 million) allows around 300 aeroplane engines to be tested each year. Hélios (€45 million) is home to the Aerostructures sector for Air France Industries KLM in a new building in Roissy-en-France, to attract the «aerostructures» market for fleets in the making: B787, A350.
Airbus Helicopters (80,000 m2) is opening a manufacturing (production of blades, logistics, offices, restaurant) and R&D site at the Paris-Le Bourget airport. Finally, numerous SMEs and mid-cap companies are undertaking substantial projects for production sites in Val d’Oise, proof of this sector’s development.



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ASTech Paris Region

This aerospace Competitiveness Cluster, the first French cluster in Aeronautics, Space and Onboard Systems, groups together 100,000 employees, the majority of whom work in R&D. It brings together renowned companies in Val d’Oise such as Paris Airports, Aertec, Airbus Helicopters, Cefival, Dassault Aviation, Lisi Aerospace, Safran, Thales, etc. that network with the Val d’Oise Department, territorial authorities, public and private researchers and local SMEs.

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> Research and higher education

ENSEA: Graduate school in electrical engineering, computer science and telecommunications
ECS-Lab: Quartz (Greater Paris Polytechnical Institude laboratory: ENSEA– EISTI SUPMECA): System Command Team
ETIS (CNRS - ENSEA - UCP): Information Processing and Systems Team
LERMA (CNRS- ENS Cachan - Observatoire de Paris - UPMC - UPC) : Laboratory for Studies of Radiation and Matter in Astrophysics

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 1- Statistical data from the debate held on 12 May 2015 in the National Assembly



LPMS (CEA - UCP): Laboratory of Physics of Materials and Surfaces
LPPI (UCP): Laboratory of Physico- Chemistry of Polymers and Interfaces
MRTE (UCP) : Geography Laboratory on Mobility, Networks, Territories and Environment
SATIE (CNAM - CNRS - ENS Cachan - ENSRennes - IFSTTAR- Paris-Sud- UCP): Laboratory for Systems and Applications in
Information and Energy Technologies

> Public laboratories

Sagem Groupe SAFRAN

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Flagship companies in the Val d’Oise department

Conseil Alcoa Fastening Systems - Space and aeronautics industries
Aertec - Aeroplane seat maintenance
Airbus Helicopters - Helicopter blade test bench
Air France Industries Klm Engineering & Maintenance - Aircraft servicing and maintenance
Aircraft Interior Products (AIP) - Aeroplane finishes and interior renovation
Cefival - Steel tubes and sections for aeronautics
Chromalloy - General mechanics
Dassault Aviation - Aeroplane construction
Dassault Falcon Service - Business aviation jets
Elno - Audio and technology systems
Goodrich Actuation System SAS - Navigation equipement
Hispano-Suiza - Aircraft engines
Laroche Group - General mechanics sub-contractor for Airbus Helicopters
Le Joint Français - Specialised adhesives
Lisi Aerospace - Metal parts casting for aeronautics
Mäder - Paints and solvents
Sagem Défense Sécurité (Safran) - Navigation electronics and defense
Thales Training Simulation - Helicopter, military aeroplane simulators
Trochet - High-precision mechanics
Vector Aerospace France - Maintenance, repair and revision (MRR) for helicopters and aircraft

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