Technologies and environmental eco-activities in the Val d’Oise



Located in the Val d'Oise since 1988, Hytec Industrie is an engineering company which specialises in the design, construction and maintenance of industrial effluent treatment and recycling facilities. With a workforce of 40, the company has commercial sites in Cergy-Pontoise (its headquarters), Lyon and Poitiers. It operates at every stage of the water management cycle in industry: treating raw water prior to use (filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis); consumption control and recycling (ion exchange and membrane separation; evapoconcentration; purifying residual water prior to discharge using physical/chemical or biological processes). The company has already set up over 500 installations, some 30 of them abroad, in fields as diverse as surface treatment and mechanics, chemicals, the glass industry, cardboard manufacture, industrial laundry, agribusiness, waste treatment and groundwater depollution. Hytec Industrie has also structured its service business to address the growing need for contracted maintenance and operation. In addition to a large number of SMEs, the company's customers include Alcatel, Arcelor, Areva, Bic, BRGM, EADS, Faurecia, Monnaie de Paris, PSA, RATP, Renault, Saint- Gobain,

Socar Smurfit, SNCF, Total and other well-known firms. Its local customers include Air France Industries in Roissy, Dassault Aviation and André Richard in Argenteuil, the Inter-Hospital Laundry in Gonesse, Atotech, Elis Localinge and Lisi Automotive in Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône. In 2009, Hytec Industrie was awarded ISO 14001 certification, further strengthening its credibility in terms of sustainable development.








Established in 1924, Ashland Water Technologies is one of the five leading companies worldwide for chemical additives and products designed for environmentallyfriendly water treatment. Its French subsidiary Ashland Industries France SAS is headquartered in Alizay in the Eure, while its administrative and sales departments (employing some 100 people) have been located in Bezons in the Val d'Oise since 1991. Wholeheartedly committed to environmental protection, Ashland devises and formulates its own products, favouring the use of raw materials and technologies with the least possible impact on health, safety and environment. With a focus on water treatment, over the last 15 years Ashland has developed products and equipment ranges based on renewable raw materials and with minimal or even zero impact on the environment. Its revolutionary technologies include the Enviroplus® corrosion inhibitor range (*) and the Sonoxide® ultrasound water treatment system (**). As a result, Ashland is a leading supplier for a number of sectors: mining, chemicals (adhesives, industrial coatings, inks, pigments and so on), mechanical and manufacturing industries (automotive, pharmaceuticals, textiles, etc.) as well as municipal water treatment plants. There is considerable growth in demand from the tertiary sector (offices, schools, hospitals, etc.)

and agribusiness (beverages, canning plants and dairy products). A score of its clients are located in the Val d'Oise. Ashland is also the world's leading producer of chemical products with minimal health impact for the manufacture of paper.

(*) corrosion inhibitors and dispersants, including a biodispersant which occurs naturally in orange peel!
(**) a non-chemical biocide water treatment system based on a combination of ultrasound and air bubbles

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