Aeronautics in the Val d'Oise


The CEEVO promotes a number of strategic sectors of excellence in the Val d'Oise, working in partnership with networks of high-performance companies involved in these areas of business, most of which participate in the competitiveness cluster initiative.



AERTEC - Maintenance of aircraft seats in Villeron
AGI - Eurocopter subcontractor in Sarcelles
AIP - Aircraft Interior Products in Roissy-en-France
ATLAS COPCO Industrial Applications - Industrial equipment in Cergy-Pontoise
AVIATEC - Aeronautics chemicals and chemical component distributor in Cergy-Pontoise
AXSON - Plastics in Cergy-Pontoise
CEFIVAL - Steel tubes in Persan
CHROMALLOY - General mechanics in Cergy-Pontoise
DASSAULT AVIATION - Airframe manufacture in Argenteuil
EADS SECA - Aeronautics Operations and Construction Company in Gonesse
EUROCOPTER - Test benches for helicopter rotor blades in Gonesse
GOODRICH ACTUATION SYSTEM SAS - Navigation equipment in Cergy-Pontoise
HISPANO SUIZA - Aircraft engines in Bezons
JOHNSON CONTROLS AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC - Electronic equipment in Cergy-Pontoise
LAROCHE - Eurocopter general mechanics subcontractor in Andilly
SECM-GT - Special machinery in Sarcelles
THALES SERVICES SAS - Navigational aids in Cergy-Pontoise
TYCO ELECTRONICS FRANCE SAS - Electronic equipment in Cergy-Pontoise
VUE ET CIE - Precision mechanics in Le Plessis-Bouchard

carre The « Val d'Oise SAT » club is made up of companies in the Val d'Oise and the Yvelines whose business includes applications or services relating to the design, manufacture or operation of satellites. This network of companies was first formed in 2003, after a meeting between some thirty companies in the Val d'Oise working in this industry and a delegation from the Japanese group of industrialists, ASTRO TECHNOLOGY SOHLA, which is made up of some one hundred specialist companies in Osaka province, Japan. This group of Japanese industrialists has launched a project to create a microsatellite as part of a programme using the resources of SMEs in the Higashi-Osaka urban district, with the support of the local and national authorities.
The « Val d'Oise SAT » club is led by Patrick Robert, head of SYRTEM, who has extensive professional experience in the field of telecommunications. His aim is to encourage experience and information-sharing between members and skill-sharing to gain access to new markets by means of structured offers, as well as taking part in the many European-based programmes relating to the satellite industry (in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Belgium). The members of the Club lead workshops in higher education institutions in the Val d'Oise (including the ENSEA) relating to targeted research. Exchanges also take place with the members of the Val d'Oise Measurement

Network (RMVO) and the GIFAS French aerospace industry association's « Space » Commission.
Contact : CLUB « VAL D’OISE SAT »
Président : M. Patrick ROBERT
Email :
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

carre As part of the efforts by the CESE 95 (Val d'Oise Further Education / Company Forum) to bring further education institutions and SMEs and SMIs closer together in the département, the CEEVO is heavily involved each year in the Val d'Oise Research and Innovation Week. A wide variety of events are on offer locally during the course of the week: lectures, visits to factories, companies and research laboratories, business meetings, and so on. Free of charge and open to all, this event is an opportunity to get to know some of the companies and laboratories in the aeronautics industry as well as the projects which are part of the ASTech Paris Région competitiveness cluster. One recent edition, based on competitiveness clusters, offered a series of lectures enabling participants to discover « the aims of the ASTech Paris Région cluster » and presented a completely new « ground-based dual pole radar » project which will allow the inside of clouds to be mapped – a highly useful tool for aircraft pilots.


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