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The Mov'eo cluster carries the strategic and technological vision of the key players in the automotive industry as well as from the world of aeronautics, highways engineering and public transport.

Mov'eo (a competitiveness cluster with a worldwide vocation) exercises its skills in the fields of automobiles and public transport, concentrating on the issues of road safety, mobility and care for the environment. Major industrial groups in the sector located in the Val d'Oise include Valeo, Thalès, Johnson Controls, Autoliv NCS, Sagem, 3M, Akebono Europe and others, actively working together with a large number of SMEs and the main automotive equipment manufactures.

The Flex-Fuel-3G project is the subject of a partnership between Valeo Systèmes Contrôle Moteur (VSCM), the French Oil Institute (IFP) and Cristal Union. It aims to make biofuels useable at low temperatures.
To date, biofuels available on the market do not enable a cold start without the additional help of a petrol tank, due to the low volatility

of ethanol. This had led to the development of flex-fuel (flexible fuel) vehicles, which can handle petrol-alcohol mixes and adjust their engine configuration to the composition of the fuel supply. The aim of Valeo's project within the Mov'eo cluster is to produce a system for cold starts enabling engines to work on alcohol alone at temperatures as low as -30° and to guarantee all the engine's running phases.
A dozen or so researchers are working on this project in the Valeo teams in Cergy-Pontoise in the Val d'Oise. This project takes into account the regulatory changes expected in 2010 with respect to polluting emissions and helps reduce CO2 exhaust levels. Eventually, Valeo aims to market electronic systems and engine control components including cold start devices.

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carre The business of this SME, which employs six staff and which was originally a spin-off from Valeo, is to reproduce the whole range of extreme climatic conditions (from -37°C to +50°C), to test new products from automobile and automotive equipment manufacturers at vehicle speeds of between 0 and 230 km/h. The systems used by the Soufflerie enable the behaviour of these new models to be observed. In this way engine cooling, interior comfort (air conditioning, heating, etc.) are tested and the development of new technologies, such as hybrid, electric and fuel-cell vehicles are being studied.

Mov'eo for worldwide growth
« Cergy-Pontoise, the prefecture of the Val d'Oise, has the second largest concentration of automotive equipment manufacturers in the Île-de-France region, comments Michel Floutard, CEO. However, in order to grow, a small structure like ours must build bridges with research clusters. This is what the Mov'eo cluster provides us with in the department, enabling us to take part in the development of innovative technologies upstream, pool our knowledge and envisage worldwide growth. »

Over 3 million euros invested for the environment
Under the leadership of its CEO, SCIdF has set itself strict terms of reference and has complied with ISO 14001 environmental standards, certifying the absence of greenhouse gas emissions for cold production, the protection of natural water resources for cooling installations and limiting the amount of noise emission for the good of all concerned.

carre Jean-Pierre Barbot, in charge of the Systems Command Laboratory at the ENSEA, has benefited from the longstanding work carried out in this graduate engineering school to design embedded systems (« smart » equipment which interacts directly with the environment) for use in the automotive industry
and elsewhere. The design of these systems, one of the developments arising out of the field of mechatronics, forms part of the safety and security aspect of the world-class Mov'eo cluster.
Jean-Pierre Barbot says, « The ECS has helped draft part of the O2M (Mechatronic Modelling Tools1 project ). In addition, SUPMECA2 , the EISTI3 and the ENSEA4 plan to create an Institut National Polytechnique to strengthen the synergy between mechanics, electronics and computing at the level of training and research. And in a further expression of the synergy between these three disciplines and schools, a project for Electric Flight Controls for light aviation is being implemented in the ASTech Paris Région5 cluster. One of the major challenges for competitiveness clusters such as Mov'eo is to supply development assistance for innovating companies and SMEs (Valeo, Autoliv Electronic, Ateliers Laumonier, Infort, etc.) based on the expressed needs of major manufacturers and the research conducted in university and / or industrial laboratories. »

1 Mechatronic modelling tools are pieces of operational software for workingon the design, production, and verification of a virtual part before it enters production. 2 SUPMECA: Paris Higher Institute of Mechanics. 3 EISTI: International School of Data Processing Sciences. 4 ENSEA: Graduate School for Electronics and Applications. 5 ASTech: a competitiveness cluster based on the development of innovation in the aerospace industry (business aviation, space and propulsion).

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