The automotive industry in the Val d'Oise

Research and further education:
- UCP: University of Cergy-Pontoise
- EPMI: School of Electricity, Production and Industrial Methods
- ENSEA: Graduate School for Electronics and Applications

Public laboratories:
- ETIS (ENSEA-UCP-CNRS): Signal and Image Processing Laboratory
- ECIME (ENSEA-UCP): Instrumentation and Electronic Modelling Laboratory
- ECS (ENSEA): System Command Laboratory
- LEEVAM: Energy, Environment, Materials and Valuation Laboratory
- MRTE: Mobility, Networks, Territory and Environment Laboratory
- SATIE (UCP-CNRS-ENS Cachan-CNAM): Information and Energy Technology Systems and Applications Laboratory


Private laboratories:




There are over 200 public research scientists in the Val d'Oise involved in the automotive industry - 20% of the total number of public-sector R&D workers in the Mov'eo cluster. Some laboratories at the University of Cergy-Pontoise are doing research on issues related to those in the cluster: Laboratoires LEEVAM, MRTE, SATIE, ECS, ETIS and ECIME. In addition, the University of Cergy-Pontoise and the EISTI, EPMI and ENSEA graduate engineering schools offer high-level training courses in robotics and automation and boast qualified research centres. There are 1 250 private-sector researchers in the département, 12% of the total number of private-sector R&D workers in the Mov'eo cluster. The main private-sector R&D centres in the Val d'Oise include the R&D centres of Autoliv, Valéo, Akebono Europe and Tyco Electronics.


In order to consolidate its position in the increasingly competitive world economy, France has formed regional competitiveness clusters with a worldwide or national vocation. The aim is to bring together companies, research centres and training bodies to pool skills. They follow the industrial policy already developed in neighbouring Germany and Italy. Each cluster based in the Val d'Oise opens up the département to the world economy.

carre Aeronautics, health, information and communication technologies, transport, energy, finance, and more. The list of the 71 projected clusters, drawn up by the CIADT (Interministerial Regional Planning and Development Committee) covers all the major sectors of business throughout France. With the financial backing of the State, the listed clusters also benefit from tax breaks and reduced social contributions. In addition, local authorities may offer exemption from local taxes.

carre Six of the existing or aspiring world-class competitiveness clusters directly involve companies located in the Val d'Oise: ASTech Paris Région, Cap Digital Paris Région, Finance Innovation, Medicen Paris Région, Mov'eo and System@tic Paris Région.

Receiving the «Competitiveness Cluster» label has an immediate knock-on effect for the «département», enhancing both its brand image and the reputation of its companies, universities and research institutions.

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