Telecoms and Mobile software in the Val d’Oise



The Val d'Oise and its administrative capital Cergy-Pontoise boast a rich concentration of companies and research laboratories specialising in embedded mobility and mobile software. In addition to a telecoms cluster which is unique in Europe and the home of Mobile Alley, technology hubs are being developed with the Centre for Embedded Intelligence.

carre Cergy-Pontoise, the administrative capital of the Val d'Oise, is home to a large number of renowned players in the f eld of embedded intelligence - including Johnson Controls, Valeo, Autoliv Electronics and Thales Training Simulation. These breathe life into a vibrant fabric of software development subcontractors. Embedded intelligence is also a f eld of excellence for the research teams at the higher edu-cation establishments in Cergy-Pontoise: the ENSEA (Higher National School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering), the EISTI (International School of Data Processing Sciences), the EPMI (School of Production and Industrial Methods), the ITIN (Higher School of Computer Science, Networks and Information Systems) and the University of Cergy-Pontoise.The achievement of Cergy-Pontoise in bringing together these different

entities led to the urban district being appointed as an «embedded intelligence site committee member» by the Mov'eo competitiveness cluster, in 2007. Alongside this initiative, a genuine telecoms cluster has been formed in the département centred around Sagem Wireless, set up in 2008. This brings together key players in this industry within less than 3sqkm. In addition to Sagem Wireless, this telecoms cluster includes the business of Myriad
Group AG - a leading European mobile phone software group, the result of the merger of Esmertec and Purple Labs - and INSIDE Contactless, the contactless expert founded in the cradle of the world-famous company Gemplus in Aix-en-Provence and destined to manufacture and sell chips by the million.



«Taking the metro, buying your paper and getting a soft drink using your mobile are all possible today using NFC (Near Field Communication), or «contactless», technologies»
Richard Vacher Detournière, INSIDE Contactless.


carre (continued from the page 1)
These three companies, Esmertec, Purple Labs and INSIDE Contactless are technological partners of Sagem Wireless. The Parc Saint-Christophe Technopole, a short distance away, is home to Huawei Technologies - an OEM for operators which ranks second worldwide in this specialised f eld – as well as Johnson Controls Automotive. Sagem Communications and Leader Networks Equipments are also located nearby. All this adds up to a concentration of telecoms research and development centres which is unique in France. Some of these companies are involved in a large number of projects

with the higher education establishments in the Val d'Oise (PRES1 Cergy University) as well as with the ESSEC. Based in Cergy-Pontoise since 1973, this management school hosts a «Living Lab» , a business incubator project and a specialist incubator for the mobile sector.This telecoms cluster also helped give birth to «Mobile Alley». Operating out of headquarters in Cergy-Pontoise, this world-class network brings together the big names in the telecoms sector to serve innovation and the emergence of new entrepreneurs within the mobile industry in Europe.Lastly, the Centre for Embedded Intelligence, the first organisation of its kind in France, has been set up with

the aim of making the Val d'Oise a benchmark site for the transfer to industry of innovations in the major f elds of application of green embedded eco-intelligence (multimodal transport, telecoms, security, medicine, IT systems, etc.).

1 PRES : Higher Education and Research Centre (Institut Polytechnique Saint-Louis, University of Cergy, Essec, Itin-Escia: Higher School of Computer Science, Networks and Information Systems, Higher national school of Art, Eisti: International School of Data Processing Science, Ensea).



The CEEVO is responsible for the promotion of industries of strategic excellence for the Val d'Oise. It provides assistance for networks of effective companies involved in these sectors of business, as well as supporting projects of common interest to the département's economic and institutional stakeholders via the Conseil Général's 2009-2019 local strategic plan for sustainable development of the economy and employment.



ConceptionDesigns and manufactures chips and NFC (Near Field Communication)/contactless technologies for laptops, mobile phones and PDAs.

FranceTelecoms equipment manufacturer supplying operators worldwide with new-generation network solutions for wired and wireless calls, optics and data

Specialises in the design of custom-built mobile phones for operators, distributors of mobile services and OEMs (Business to Business services)

Designs, develops and manufactures professional and residential broadband products, printing and energy management

IT and telephony; duplication and training; IT networks, data cabling, fibre optics, maintenance, site information management. Sells office automation and telephony hardware

Myriad Group was created by the merger of Esmertec and Purple Labs. These two European mobile phone software companies develop mass-market mobile phone software (expertise in JAVA software and LINUX platforms)

carre Mobile Alley, an association devoted to innovation and the emergence of new entre-preneurs in the mobile industry in Europe and worldwide, was founded in February 2009 during the «Barcelona World Mobile Congress», on the initiative of Guillaume Girard, its executive off cer. Mobile Alley chose to locate its headquarters in the new mobile software cluster in Cergy-Pontoise, thus contributing to the vitality of the Val d'Oise, its chosen home territory.As Guillaume Girard explained on the launch of the Association, «This is the only area in France with a concentration of over 500 mobile-oriented engineers and an ideal centre for bringing together key factors and players:
- innovation, with a corresponding wealth of R&D engineers, companies in the cluster (Sagem Wireless and Myriad Group) and other players at the Cergy-Pontoise site.
- the heart of world business - Microsoft and Orange are partners of Mobile Alley, soon to be joined by others;
- our f nancial partner, Sof nnova Partners, a leading European venture capitalist in the field of telecoms. They are all ready to get involved in a local environment which is already highly dynamic, thanks to the input of the University of Cergy-Pontoise, which ranks amongst the top 20 performers in France (Challenges - 4 June 2009), renowned schools including ESSEC and eight competitiveness clusters supported by local authorities including the 

Conseil Général, urban districts and their economic development agencies.»The vocation of Mobile Alley is to provide its members with all the essential resources (physical hosting, test equipment, representa-tion to operators in the sector and European bodies, exchanges with f nancial backers, etc.) required to create and stimulate innovation in the mobile sector. 


carre The unifying projects identif ed during the preparation of the Conseil Général's local strategic plan for sustainable development of the economy and employment include the creation of a business incubator and a specialist mobile software incubator.Backed by the ACCET Val d'Oise Techno-pole, and in partnership with PRES R&D organisations, an ESSEC Ventures project has been implemented to create the right conditions for the location and development of around f fty SMEs liable to join the local environment of the mobile systems cluster, via a business incubator. This structure will be reinforced by the presence of a «Living Lab» (behavioural research laboratory) set up by students from ESSEC. 


Research and higher education:

UCP: University of Cergy-Pontoise
- ETIS (ENSEA-UCP-CNRS): Data Processing and Systems Team
ENSEA: Higher National School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
EISTI: International School of Data Processing Science
- EARLY: Information and Communication Technologies Laboratory

- LASSY: Semantic Analysis and Intelligent Systems Laboratory
- LAPY: Intelligent Processes Laboratory
EPMI: School of Electricity, Production and Industrial Methods
- CISCO: telecommunications and network management laboratory
ITIN: Higher School of Computer Science, Networks and Information Systems
- research laboratory for network security, roaming computing and systems and applications interoperability.

Other public laboratories:
ECS (ENSEA): System Command Laboratory
SATIE (UCP-CNRS-ENS Cachan-CNAM): Information Technology and Energy Systems and Applications

Laboratory Private laboratories:

Contactless and Sagem Wireless have developed a new platform in the Val d'Oise for mobiles capable of supporting NFC (Near Field Communication) services. These new platforms, which will be available from major operators from the end of 2009, use INSIDE's MicroRead® NFC chip in association with the MicroRead Software Foundation protocol stack, embedded under license by Sagem. Contactless technology enables two ISO-compliant 13.56 MHz devices to exchange secure data (card –to-reader or reader-to-reader). A contactless chip embedded in an electronic device (card, keyring, mobile phone, PDA reader, etc.) can perform secure applications for payment, access control, exchange of content, transport or identification.



A mobile telephony system with a low electromagnetic footprint and low power mechatronics devices are just two examples of innovations on the agenda for the Centre for Embedded Intelligence, launched in autumn 2009 in the Val d'Oise..





«This organisation, the first of its kind in France, has decided to locate in the Val d'Oise,» says Patrick Duvaut, research entrepreneur with the ENSEA. «This is because this département has cultivated a tradition of excellence in the f eld of embedded intelligence. The Val d'Oise boasts public and private research scientists, is involved in eight competitiveness clusters and has some one hundred companies doing work relating to the development of mobile resources, The vocation of this Centre, like that of research parks in the United States, is to be a focus for work, exchanges and development bringing together researchers and industrial players. The aim is to allow them to work together using custom-built technological platforms in fields in which embedded intelligence plays a major role, such as the automotive industry, robotics, aeronautics and telecoms. These platforms are used to test, assess and exploit innovations and transform them into prototypes in real time - with low levels of financial and technological risk. This is sure to be of interest to investment funds and lead to business start-ups, in liaison with the local business incubators in the Val d'Oise». Located in the Parc Saint-Christophe Technopole, which is already home to the ITIN school, the Centre for Embedded Intelligence develops projects around two platforms in the automotive and telecommunications fields.



carre Sagem Wireless is one of the major players on the mobile telecommunications market. Its vocation is to offer advanced in-field expertise in the design of appliances and the integration of innovations and high-tech solutions (fingerprint authentication, NFC, touchscreens, mobile TV, Wi-Fi, etc) for operators, equipment manufacturers and top fashion and luxury brands, enabling them to market mobiles that address the tastes of their customers. Thanks to its partnerships and R&D centre, Sagem Wireless is able to mobilise numerous R&D resources, offering a great degree of design fiexibility whilst guaranteeing the very best quality.«We have technological expertise relating to many of the components that make up a mobile

phone,» says Thierry Buffenoir, CEO of Sagem Wireless, «and we are maintaining our lead in innovations such as aluminium housings, fingerprint sensors, solar panels and more. The commercial vocation of Sagem Wireless is to place itself at the disposal of other manufacturers. As demonstrated in our recent work with Sony Ericsson, we work in close cooperation with mobile phone operators to develop the products which best correspond to their offerings, as well as building partnerships with top brands by creating customised models like the «Porsche Design» mobile for businessmen, «Lulu Castagnette» for teenagers, and «Agnès B» for women.»Sagem Wireless has implemented several partnerships enabling it to mobilise skills across Europe and Asia to improve the design and use of products.








It was in 2007 that Chinese telecoms giant Huawei located its French headquarters in the Parc Saint-Christophe Technopole in Cergy-Pontoise, where its engineers work on 3G, FMC and all-IP research. Since then, it has continued to broaden its fields of expertise.«Our strength lies in our R&D, which accounts for 40% of our workforce, with no less than 37,000 engineers in 14 R&D centres. Most of these are based in China, where Huawei was founded, but there are others in the United States and Northern Europe (Germany, Sweden),» explains Christian Paquet, vice-president of Huawei France. «Each year, the company invests over 10% of its revenue in R&D. Huawei has also shifted from a technology-based model to a customer-oriented one. As a result of this, between 2002 and 2008 the group experienced annual growth of 30-40%. We offer three types of advantages:
- the power of innovation;
- the fact that we entered the third-generation (3G) telephone market directly by developing our own networks;
- our ability to adapt to local markets.»

Founded in 1988 in Shenzhen, China, Huawei Technologies supplies operators worldwide (France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, and others) with new-generation network solutions for landline and mobile calls, optics and data. Its products and solutions are deployed in over 100 countries and used by 35 of the 50 leading operators worldwide and by over one billion users in the four corners of the globe. Its catalogue includes wireless products; network products; added-value services (e.g. intelligent networks, CDN/SAN and wireless data) in addition to mobile and landline terminals. Huawei has a workforce of over 87,500 worldwide, including over 2,500 working at 26 sites across Europe. media47305



INSIDE INSIDE Contactless is the global leader for electronic and software components dedicated to the contactless payment and NFC (Near Field Communication) markets. Its purpose is to equip the new generations of payment systems, public transport, identification and access controls. INSIDE's intelligent microprocessor platforms provide a degree of fiexibility which enables them to be embedded in smart cards, mobile phones and electronic devices for the general public, including tags and other media relating to new innovative contactless applications – these are incomparably easy to use. INSIDE has supplied the worldwide market with over 300 million platforms for customers and partners, including the principal manufacturers of cards and mobile phones, the largest systems integrators and major financial institutions. With a portfolio covering 60 categories of patent, including a certain number of basic patents in the field of NFC, the company plays an undisputed leadership role in terms of innovation.media47287

Although INSIDE Contactless is headquartered in Aix-en-Provence, the company is a partner of Sagem Wireless, with which it has developed a platform in the Val d'Oise for mobiles capable of supporting NFC services.(see page 3) media47305

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