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Economic poles and axes 


The Val d’Oise department has mutually complementary economic poles:

- in the heart of the Plaine de France area, opening of the A 16 motorway has caused the current expansion of activity zones along the RN 1 between Deuil-la-Barre, Domont, and Monsoult, built near quality urban centres,

- the Persan and Beaumont-sur-Oise economic pole, with its rich, vivacious industrial past, is a versatile site on the Val d’Oise department’s slope. Metallurgical industries, as well as high-tech companies, henceforth work towards strengthening this geographical structure that offers particularly accessible activity zones (A16 motorway towards the Channel Tunnel). Developing logistic and "post-production" poles in the Bruyères-sur-Oise port area reinforce this branch’s economic perspectives,

- the " Vallée de Montmorency " is above all a much sought-after residential area, but the human-scale activity zones located along the RER suburban train route also provide a fabric rich with specialised small and medium sized firms and companies: high technology and subcontracting in mechanics, plastics, and electronics.

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