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Lco Santé 

The hormone specialist

"It is easier to recruit in the Val d’Oise area that in other areas of France. The fact that it is close to Paris and the links offered by its infrastructure are genuine advantages"

The blue production facility, nestling over the centre of Osny, in the Cergy-Pontoise conglomeration, has just grown, with investments of 5.34 € (£3.25 million) that will enable production of the hormonal range (air flow and manufacturing/storage operations) to be split from the company’s other pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. This is how LCO Santé is preparing for the future: the development of hormone production. Another corner calmly negotiated by Jean-Pierre Leclère, the chairman of LCO Santé, which was taken over by LMBO in 1999, with financial support from the NMSD bank.
This site has a history. Just after the war the factory manufactured chairlifts and cable-cars. Jimmy Goldschmidt, the famous businessman, gave it its current role in 1954. This was followed by an eventful history of buy-outs and mergers up until 1997, when the company owner – Hoechst-Marion-Roussel laboratories – decided to redirect its business by pulling away from some of its subsidiaries. Jean-Pierre Leclère was the then International Industrial Director at Hoechst-Marion-Roussel, and his moment had arrived!
LCO Santé is today working on several areas of expertise. The company is a manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry, and works on galenical and analytical development of formulas entrusted to it by other laboratories. Amongst its clients it counts Aventis, Grünental, Takeda and others. "We are the industrial processor, we both manufacture and pack drugs,” the chairman explains. “But we also develop formulas. What distinguishes us is that we are both a pharmaceutical laboratory and a chemical-biological group, which lets us expand into biological engineering. For example, we manufacture the active principle of a product of biological origin that strengthens an organism’s immune system against flu and pulmonary infections. People usually take this product when winter comes around".
But LCO Santé also has another area of expertise, as the laboratory is also a specialist in hormonal products, which it develops and industrializes, such as menopausal drugs, drugs to treat prostate cancer, or the morning after pill (designed and developed entirely at Osny). This is the direction in which the company is now going to expand. And it has given itself the means to do it.
Besides Jean-Pierre Leclère, the laboratory is now run by Daniel Masseau, Head Pharmacist, and Jean-Pierre Boiszette, Vice-President and Financial Director. It employs almost 200 people (around 47% are technicians, 40% office and factory workers and 13% management), produces 350 million “administrations” (a tablet, capsule or phial), including 230 million hormonal products annually and exports around the world via its principals.

"The Val d’Oise is an attractive area. We have the benefit of quick links with the capital, and with the Francilienne motorway link road having been completed a few months ago we now have a direct route to Charles-de-Gaulle Airport continues Jean-Pierre Leclère, while also emphasizing “the dynamic force of the Comité d’Expansion Economique du Val d’Oise”, or CEEVO, the Economic Expansion Committee. I sometimes attend “drinks meetings” and dinner evenings organized by CEEVO that make it easier for manufacturers to get together and meet each other. A lot of exhibitions are organized in the Val d’Oise for companies. There are not many places in France that go to such lengths to provide help for heads of business".

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